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Fire Dampers Ireland

BM Fire can provide fire damper inspections per code requirements and assist you in keeping your facility in compliance all local and state building codes.

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Fire Protection Ireland

BM Fire understands the complexity of fire department safety and offer proper installation, restoration and survey to avoid fire hazards and to ease safety during emergencies.

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Fire Stopping Contractors Dublin

Passive Fire protection systems save lives and contain damage to a building during fire. BM Fire offers professional fire protection services to protect life and property.

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Fire Stopping Contractors Dublin

BM Fire is a leading name in fire protection industry. With over decades of in offering consultation and services to meet all fire hazards in buildings.

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Specialists In Fire Prevention

With over 40 years of Fire prevention expertise BM Fire was established in 2020 to start off the decade with a reliable, affordable solution to fire prevention.


Solutions for everywhere. From Fire Doors to Curtains we have a solution.

Fire Proof

We have your building completely protected, solutions for everywhere.

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We can renovate your building, bringing to the latest standards.

Fire Protected

We renovate your buildings to make it fire protected through proper monitoring.

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From the ground up we construct the best solutions for your business.

Fire Safety

We are also applicators of all types of internal and external protective industrial coatings.

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We have exclusive rights to the best fire prevention products in Ireland.

Rights to Products

We own legal rights over fire safety products for all buildings and constructions.

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Our recent work shows jobs that we have been complete below, if you need any further information, we have excellent references available. Please contact us to find out more.



1. Is it necessary to have fire prevention for my building?2020-04-24T06:59:58+00:00

Fire hazards don’t come informed. It is better to have your building fire proof. It helps prevent
the fire spread resulting in huge damages to life and property.

2. Can I avail fire prevention service for my under construction building?2020-04-24T06:27:06+00:00

Yes, absolutely. Just let our fire protection specialists Dublin help you and guide on getting
your building fire proof.

3. Do you renovate building to make it fire proof?2020-04-24T06:28:52+00:00

We do renovate buildings to make for fire protection Ireland. You can connect with our team to
discuss your need and we can take things from there on.

Who We Are?

BM Fire is the place for your fire prevention needs, located in Ireland. We are fire protection specialists Dublin dealing in the passive fire solutions thus we can cater to your specific passive fire requirements for a large variety of unique situations for both fire and non-fire rated tasks.

We are a team of industry experts and qualified on-site installers who can cater to all your passive fire protection Ireland requirements. Finishes include sealing penetrations and surfaces to any commercial interior or exterior situation.

Our services include a full survey and most cost effective way of ensuring the safety of persons working within the building, to pinpoint areas that require fire protection and fire stopping, also to assess existing fire prevention Ireland is compliant with regulations and the fire ratings required.

A full report will be drawn up and issued to yourselves after inspection and advice given about the findings; we also have a professional team to carry out the works if required.

Take the risk out of your fire prevention systems. We will carry out a comprehensive assessment for you and provide you with a detailed report to work from.

With exceptional technical knowledge, our experts work their heart out to ensure your home or building is totally safe from all kinds of fire hazards

Moreover, our fire protection specialists Dublin work across all industries and sectors to make the property and people free from fire breakouts.

For almost 40 years, BM Fire has provided unparalleled service to its customers throughout from inspections to installations to, we pride ourselves on being able to handle every aspect of your company’s needs for fire prevention Ireland.

BM Fire can provide you with prompt, professional and cost effective service. We offer our services to the finest hotels and apartment buildings in the province, no matter what your requirements are, BM Fire is well-equipped to supply you with the help you need.

BM FIRE Core Values

At BM Fire and Prevention our core values are the foundations upon our Company is built. Our core values define what is important and the way we conduct business. Our daily commitment to these values makes our Company and our team outstanding in everything relating to Fire Prevention

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What Our Clients Say…..

From start to finish BM Fire knew what we wanted, they installed when the building was closed which made it easier for all involved, thank you all


Unsure of what had to be done to bring our building up to standard, BM Fire was the only call we made and we where compliant in no time.


Latest News

Here are snippets of the latest news from BM Fire Prevention, please call back often to stay up to date.


March 11th, 2020|

Using the latest Government advice, we are currently only servicing front line premises. If you have an emergency please feel free to contact us. Stay safe everyone


Trusted Suppliers

We search the world over for the very best suppliers of fire stopping and environmental solutions to meet all current market needs, if something is not listed please just ask a member of our team that would be delighted to help.

Building Inspiring Spaces

Fire Prevention Systems does not need to take away from the look and feel of a building…

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