2.Do you work in my sector?

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This is the question we get asked most frequently, and a red herring. We work with all kinds of companies across numerous sectors, so it is likely we will have worked on a tender similar to the one yours. We go beyond to deliver the best tender preparation service.

2.Why is firestop important?

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Firestopping is mandatory by building code, and more importantly, it can protect your facility and occupants in a fire. Firestopping aids in preventing the travel of smoke from room-to-room, which is the number one cause of fire-related deaths. Even a pencil-sized hole can allow smoke to fill the adjacent room in less than 4 minutes.

3.Do I need door seals?

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Heat and smoke seals are required for your fire door. They completely shut off all gaps in the fire door frame, serving as an excellent defence against fire and smoke considerably delay the spread giving time for evacuation.