Passive Fire Protection (PFP)

Passive Fire Protection (PFP)2020-04-29T12:21:50+00:00

Make Your Property Safe From Fire With Passive Fire Protection

Do you know passive fire protection Ireland is an integral factor during the construction of all properties? BM Fire is one of the leading passive fire protection companies offering highly skilled services to protect your life and property.

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Passive Fire Protection Ireland
Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection can help save lives after a fire outbreak.  BM Fire can be your savior.

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Passive Fire Protection Dublin

Some FAQ

1.Who sets the level of passive fire protection in a building?2020-04-21T09:24:35+00:00

Generally the Building Regulations for new build. The Fire Authority has to be consulted if refurbishment projects are to be undertaken.

2.Does steel need fire protection?2020-04-21T09:25:28+00:00

Yes, steel needs passive fire protection. Under load steel will start to buckle and move when temperatures reach 550 C and in a steel framed building this will compromise its stability and compartmentation.

3.Is passive fire protection necessary for all buildings?2020-04-21T09:26:15+00:00

Yes, fire hazards can take place in residential and commercial buildings both. To safeguard the people and property it is better to get PFP in all high rise buildings, hospitals, shopping centres and more.

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